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Offering treatments for pain as well as anti-aging! Book our pro panel, shop our in-office retail items, or experience our FDA cleared LED Light Bed!

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Thu Yen Mac

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Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine

West Oahu Acupuncture And Integrative Medicine is committed in assisting individuals to restore balance, harmony, health and wellness to their lives as well as working preventatively against disease. This is achieved utilizing the ancient wisdom of acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Our philosophy is based on the concept that people can heal their own bodies through education, acupuncture, and herbs. We strive to provide safe, gentle, effective, and relaxing treatments that are individualized to each patient's unique condition.

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Massage Therapy

"Thu is amazing, the quality of care is bar-none. As a veteran I have sought various types of treatment for service connected conditions. Since she is A VA choice provider I have access to great alternative forms of care that is covered by the VA. She also has additional treatments that are cost efficient and better than any medication I have used particularly for pain and inflammation. No side effects, only great pain relief. Her bedside manner and sincere care for her patients shows with the high quality experience I get with every visit. I recommend to anyone. Veterans only need to call Tri-west and get a self referral for acupuncture and request her as a provider. You won't regret it. Thank you Thu, can't wait for my next visit."

- Johnny G

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