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PTSD, Pain, and Achieving Relaxation

"Dr. Thu Yen Mac is incredible at acupuncture and integrative medicine!! She is brilliant to talk to, compassionate, grounded and really knows her way around the physical/emotional body. I am seeing her for symptoms from a Motor Vehicle Accident (she does take insurance!) and my neck and upper back were extremely sore. I also wasn't feeling so great as I had experienced a concussion earlier.

Dr. Thu Yen not only resolved the pain, but the PTSD too! To add to how amazing she is, I track my moods on a regular basis and hadn't had a 5 star or "great" day for months since the accident. After my first visit, I had my first 5 star night. I was so relieved I about cried!!!

Her office is also so so beautiful! The decor is cool, blue and inviting. The art, plants in glass on the wall, beautiful view, and luxurious foot soaks all make for not only pain relief but also a luxurious experience! And there's enough room to have a close group of girlfriends in for some self care time together!

One last thing. Dr. Thu Yen is not only extremely knowledgeable of her craft and much more, but her warm, open hearted inside and out beauty means she is both family and LGBTQ friendly. I love this about her because it means that her brilliant solution-based talents and peaceful, relaxing experience is open to ALL. Thank you Dr. Thu Yen!!!"

- Sarah M


Chronic Health Issues; Herbal and Acupuncture fixed it!

"Last August I was suffering from a series of maladies, one after the other, that were dealt with individually by my primary care physician through a cocktail of powerful meds. Tired of feeling like a symptom and yearning to be treated as a whole individual, I sought alternative forms of medicine. I found West Oahu Acupuncture through my health insurance website, and made an appointment. Thuy Yen met me with an open mind and began unraveling the series of illnesses by treating my whole body with a combination of needles and moxa. It was slow-going at first and Thu Yen suggested we try Chinese Medicine (herbs) to supplement. After about a month, I began to notice changes in how I felt and in about two months, I made the decision to go off all of my western meds entirely. Thu Yen has been a wonderful addition to my personal "care team" and I'm grateful for her consistent care and concern for my well-being. My appointments at West Oahu Acupuncture make me feel like I'm on a little vacation! I always take a nap and (finally) get to totally relax. That's rare in my fast-paced stressful life. Bottom line, if you're looking for a compliment to your own care team, I recommend Thu Yen at West Oahu Acupuncture."

- Kristen C

Eyes Closed

Hormonal Imbalances Solved, Pregnancy achieved!

"My partner and I had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant after a miscarriage last year. I knew my hormones were off the rails but I was desperate to find a way to let my body adjust back to "normal" without the use of medication - at least if I could. I found Thu Yen and started immediately with her and after two months, we got our positive! In addition to fertility treatments, she took time to address my back pain from a previous accident I had which significantly improved my range of motion and decreased my pain levels. She is a wonderful and caring practitioner who actually listens to you and takes the time to check in at every visit. I highly recommend her for any needs you may have."

- Ema G

Happy Family

Goodbye Anxiety...and everything else that was haunting me!

"I waited until the end of my first ten sessions with Thu to review... I wanted to get a good few weeks of treatment before I reviewed! Why? Because it seemed too good to be true! But it isn't! It is true!!!
I have suffered through so many issues that have all stemmed from a birth control issue (20+years ago) and a gymnastics injury (30 years ago) Hormonal imbalances, mood swings, painful ovulation, weight gain, anxiety, depression, migraines, back pain, foot and leg pain, GI imbalances, acid reflux... Thu is patient and listened to me explain all the issues I have been dealing with! She made me feel heard and valued for the first time with a health practitioner!
Within 2 sessions with Thu I started feeling relief! Some of my issues were quickly resolved! Like the acid reflux and GI! These were regulated within the first week of treatment!
I slowly started to realize that I wasn't struggling with the crazy anxiety I had been struggling with! (I did not have anxiety prior to my birth control issue) that my mood swings were easier to come out of! And that I was getting up ready to go for the day ahead!
After 3-4 sessions I began to sweat when I worked out! I have not been able to really sweat since my birth control in 1999!! I legit didn't sweat! But now when I work out I SWEAT!!!!
Then she floored me! She worked on my varicose veins in my legs! And for the first time since I was a young teen I was pain free! My feet and back did not hurt! I cried! I have been able to work on my feet with very little to no pain!
I can not even describe the changes she has made in my life in the few short weeks she has been treating me!
I will be continuing my treatment with her weekly! And my family is also starting to join in too!!!
The entire environment at West Oahu Acupuncture is perfect!
Thank you Thu for helping me get my life back!"

- Janel P

Happy Woman

Physical and Emotional Relief!

"It has been a true blessing to receive Thu's acupuncture and cupping therapy services. I've received tremendous healing both physically and emotionally with every session I've had with Thu. Not only is she a very skilled acupuncturist with unmatched knowledge of the entire body and its systems,  she truly cares about her clients healing and progress with healing. That is evident by the time she takes with every session to thoroughly get to know what my concerns are so she can facilitate the best possible treatment plan; and the quality of service I receive for the affordable price, truly reflects that her intention is to truly help people. She also has great expertise with herbal supplements, which has also helped to assist in my healing and pain reduction."

- Jennifer C

Happy Man

First time ever! Calm and Balanced.

"First timer with Acupuncture! Thu Yen is amazing and made me feel very comfortable from the beginning to the end of the acupuncture session. After the treatment session I felt a sense of calm and balance which continued into my week.

If you are looking for alternative Eastern Medicine you must check out West Oahu Acupuncture and Thu Yen!"

- Kehea L

Happy Couple


We are so thankful to our customers! We always appreciate your feedback. 

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